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The following is a short list of influential books that discus a variety of very important issues for European Americans. These books are not readily available or promoted by mainstream schools or institutions, which is why we chose to offer them here. The topics covered vary greatly but the message in each book lays out many facts purposefully distorted or hidden by today's dogma of political correctness. Knowledge of history and the world around you is critical, which is why all these books are available for free to all. Please download and read each of these books which will help make you a better informed critical thinker capable of open minded thought.

The Dispossessed Majority

Wilmot Robertson brilliantly recounts the tragedy of a great people, the Americans of European descent, who founded and built the United States and whose decline is the chief cause of America's decline. The thesis of the book is that the decline was not natural and not an accident. Rather, it was a "dispossession" by anti-national forces and hostile pressure groups. A fantastic and detailed book with many well thought out arguments.

The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson - Click here to download


Which Way Western Man?

William Gayley Simpson's Which Way Western Man is a philosophical and historical book discussing culture, psychology, the West, Jews, government, religions, the difference between races, banking, women, eugenics, women and war. He analyzes many modern day issues and how they relate to the history and fate of Western civilization and to the White race that founded it. He begins by glancing at the teachings of Jesus and Christianity and concludes that although Jesus was a great mystic and philosopher, he has little to offer for the survival of the White Western world. While pessimistic about the future of Christianity, Simpson remains generally optimistic about religion, calling for a new religion based on old values. In one instance he claims that Europe has been on the wrong track since the end of the Roman Empire yet it should look toward a new Nietzschean philosophical underpinning that would guarantee racial survival. Which Way Western Man is a brilliant work comprising one man's entire life of research and experiences.

Which way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson - Click here to download

The Republic

Ostensibly a discussion of the nature of justice, it lays before us Plato’s vision of the ideal nation state, covering a wide range of topics: education, psychology, government, eugenics, societal improvement, natural law, money, morality and justice. It also includes, in the process, some of Plato’s most important writing on the nature of reality and ideological manipulation. Plato is critical of democracy, which had been responsible for the execution of Socrates, and his political ideas. The Republic was written over 2,400 years ago in ancient Greece and is the essence of Western thought.

The Republic by Plato - Click here to download

Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible

The following two books are very unique and a must read for all ethnic Europeans. The author Ben Klassen covers many historical topics in detail from ancient India, to Egypt, the Roman Empire to more modern times and concludes with the founding of an ethnocentric religion based on natural law whose sole purpose is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White race. Klassen's books are critical about Christianity and Jews as malevolent factors in the history of all European peoples. Creativity as the religion is called was founded in 1973 and is a federally recognized religion. Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible are the two main holy books of Creativity.

Nature's Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen - Click here to download

The White Man's Bible by Ben Klassen - Click here to download


The Rising Tide of Color

A 1920's classic surveying the world racial situation after World War I and warning of the coming non-White population explosion. Lothrop Stoddard was regarded as an expert on demographics in his day. Stoddard's arguments were taken seriously by the American establishment and President Warren G. Harding publicly praised his book at a public speech on 26 October 1922. A Harvard Ph.D in history, Lothrop Stoddard was the author of The Revolt Against Civilization, The French Revolution in San Domingo, and other works that played a key role in the enactment of America's 1924 immigration act.

The Rising Tide of Color by Lothrop Stoddard - Click here to download

Alien Nation

Alien Nation deals with immigration policy and the massive influx of illegal aliens as well as legal immigrants into the United States. The author Peter Brimelow argues, that current immigration regulations are part of a wider trend that seeks to change the face of America: that is, the official policy of the federal government is to radically transformation American society from a White European society into a Third world multicultural society by importing masses of largely unassimilable non-whites. Alien Nation is a very informative book on today's immigration disaster that is quickly destroying our country.

Alien Nation by Peter Brimelow - Click here to download

Race, Evolution and Behavior (abridged)

Using evidence from psychology, anthropology, sociology and other scientific disciplines, this book shows that there are at least three biological races (subspecies) of man Orientals (i.e., Mongoloids or Asians), Blacks (i.e., Negroids or Africans), and Whites (i.e., Caucasoids or Europeans). There are recognizable profiles for the three major racial groups on brain size, intelligence, personality and temperament, sexual behavior, and rates of fertility, maturation and longevity. This worldwide pattern implies evolutionary and genetic, rather than purely social, political, economic, or cultural causes for racial differences.

Race, Evolution and Behavior (abridged) by J. Philippe Rushton - Click here to download


Encyclopedia of European Peoples

More than 600 alphabetical entries describe the origins, language, history, and culture of European ethnology. Entries range from Hominids and Vikings to modern nationalities such as Ukrainians and Spanish. Article length varies; a small Celtic tribe such as the Insubrians has an accessible one-paragraph summary, whereas there is a 25-page entry for the Irish. Lengthier articles are generally accompanied by maps showing invasions, migrations, tribal groupings, or dialect distribution; charts; black-and-white photos; sidebar information; and biographies of relevant figures. For example, The Romans has a time line, a map of the Empire at its greatest extent, and inset biographies of Caesar, Augustus, Hadrian, and others. Cultural information varies, but generally includes arts, religion, economy, and occasionally military practices or clothing. A box showing location, time period, ancestry, and language appears alongside main entries. The text and index are both cross-referenced. The eight appendixes include lists of peoples with alternate names and groupings; European peoples organized by primary ancestral language family, nationalities, and regions; the languages and geography of Europe; the earliest Europeans; a time line; and various groupings of individuals mentioned in the text. The Encyclopedia of European Peoples is a great resource for global-history classes or students looking into European cultural identity.

Encyclopedia of European Peoples by Carl Waldman and Catherine Mason - Click here to download

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