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The Crescenta Valley European American Society (CVEAS) is an educational, cultural and community association based in the Crescenta Valley.

As an educational association, the CVEAS seeks to inform the public about issues important to ethnic European American peoples in the Crescenta Valley and elsewhere. The CVEAS believes the American media and most institutions are bias reflecting information that is destructive to Western culture and peoples. Through news stories, books available for free and videos on our website you can learn about many critical issues and topics often not explored by mainstream sources.

As a cultural association, the CVEAS seeks to preserve and promote our own ethnic European American culture in the Crescenta Valley through community outreach programs and by sponsoring European American Heritage Festivals. The importance of knowing who you are and where your people came from is especially paramount for European Americans whose culture is often dismissed.

As a community association, the CVEAS encourages European American people of good moral character that agree with our message to relocate to the Crescenta Valley to create a Pioneer Little Europe (PLE). A PLE is the concept of creating an ethnic European community that seeks to preserve its heritage. In short, we seek to foster an ethnic tribal community amongst our European people that will work together to improve our quality of life today and for future generations. In addition, the CVEAS also encourages civic responsibility, participation in community enhancement projects and protection of the natural environment in the Crescenta Valley.

The CVEAS is not a membership organization. The CVEAS is an organic grassroots ethnic European American community focusing on educating European Americans, promoting European culture and building a European American community that wishes to preserve its heritage in the Crescenta Valley. You can be active with us by being a European American that agrees with our message and resides in the Crescenta Valley. 

For those not familiar with the Crescenta Valley, the Crescenta Valley is located in Southern California about 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles and is surrounded by rugged mountain ranges which separate us from many of the ills commonly found in the greater Los Angeles area.

Communities in the Crescenta Valley PLE include: La Cañada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Montrose, North Glendale, Tujunga, Sunland & Shadow Hills.

Please explore our website and sign up for free as a website member because we offer regularly updated new stories, forum discussions, books free to download, and videos to view that cover a wide variety of topics important to people of European ancestry.

As a final note the CVEAS is seeking reliable volunteers to help us with our mission and for sponsors to help fund our many projects.

We can be contacted directly via email at

Oktoberfest in the Crescenta Valley is held on the first Saturday in October each year


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